The Back Story


It’s me.(this pun will never get old I swear to god)
(Me in 2018: This pun is old and stale now. Why did I ever use it? *cringes*)

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, 3-4 weeks to be precise (not considered as a while really but you get me, don’t you?). I’ve liked writing for a while now. Whether it is writing for school or writing poems or just my shitty thoughts, with new and attractive words, in general.

My mum has been recently telling me that I can really write well after one of the writing *insert word here* (I won’t necessarily say competition, because it wasn’t . It was this random thing conducted at my school and I qualified in all the levels).

I really like to think a lot and to stop me from thinking, sometimes the best way is to pen everything down. I would want to say that writing is a beautiful thing that can mend this broken world and although I’m not here to mend it, or maybe I’m not sure I can, I’m just here to escape from the ugliness.

Also, there is so much left to live, so why not type it down?

I have a lot of ideas on what to post on this blog and I think it’s going to be super fun. I’ll appreciate all the suggestions that I get and I look forward to your reviews on what I write.

Me (again) xx

PS. All photo credits go to their rightful owners unless stated otherwise.

[December 2016]


16 thoughts on “The Back Story

  1. abbymarie

    hey hey, i was just scrolling through the teen tag and saw your blog so i thought i’d give you a follow and say hi. love your blog, keep on keeping on. xox abby

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  2. Wow I just found your blog in the latest Elm’s post, in a tag she nominated you! I am absolutely in love with your blog now, it is so good and the posts are so amazing. Keep going with your great work! I love the way you write and express your thoughts, they’re similar to the way I think, just that I find it harder to explain what I’m thinking hahaha. Your blog is definitely my favorite now!

    B. (

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  3. penandfreethought

    I’m also the type of person who thinks all the time. Over-analyzing might be a better word for it. Writing, especially journaling, helps me address my thoughts and make some sense out of them. I’m excited to read your writing. πŸ™‚

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  4. hey fren I saw a random comment about TØP from you on another blog and i’m so glad i found a bandito blogger *hugs you through screen and does the hand symbol thingy*
    love your stuff ❀
    stay street stay alive ||-//
    {i post TØP-related things if u want to check it out and link me to any other banditos}
    power to the local dreamer

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