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Happy Birthday to you! (2) (1)

Honestly, I felt like singing a song on the ukulele and include all the things that I want to catch you up on but I don’t have a ukulele and i’m not Jon Cozart so moving on… 

How are you doing? I’m hoping everyone is as excited for Christmas as I am and have already started listening to their Christmas playlists. I haven’t really done a chill, laid-back catch-up post in a while and there are a bunch of things that I want to talk about today! But before I begin:


Now I know I did a whole blog makeover last time around and I loved doing that so, IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. I made a magazine last year to celebrate and I promise something new is coming this time around as well! You’ll probably have to wait for a while though because my exams just got over and I finally have time. But just A MASSIVE THANK YOU to you incredible lot for reading what I write and leaving your amazing and honest feedback. I appreciate you!

Anyway, back to what I was originally here for.

Like all traditional catch-up posts go, I’ve divided this post into categories and, yeah, I have a LOT to talk about but I’m trying my best to articulate everything. OKAY, LET’S GO.


  • Bohemian Rhapsody
    So, if you’re unaware as to what this movie is about, here’s a brief description: There’s this band from the 70s-80s called Queen and this movie is about them but mostly about Freddie Mercury, the lead singer, who was a legend. It’s a movie about this guy who was a game-changer but left too early (he suffered from AIDS). It’s a movie about a band who influenced so many, continue to influence so many and will carry on influencing music in the future.
    I know there is quite a bit of skepticism going around because this movie has all sorts of reviews but I promise that if you’re a fan, if you love Queen or even love music, you will love the movie. It may not be completely accurate but it didn’t fail to make me cry (and laugh). There was such a joyous environment throughout and I felt nothing but happy after I left the theatre. During the Live-Aid scene, I could hear quite a few people humming and some singing as quietly as possible (including me) and we all had chills but we were so happy but so sad. It was an incredible environment. Once during ‘Ay-Oh’ this guy screamed “Ayy-Ohh” and he is the real mvp. I sometimes imagine this place where all these musicians, who helped shape the music industry today, were still alive and I can’t begin to list down how I think we’d be listening to less let’s-have-sex songs and more of those which truly embody our current scenario (in whatever aspect).
    I would definitely recommend watching Bohemian Rhapsody, and sometimes you will look at the on-screen Brian May and start to believe that the real Brian May actually cloned himself. 
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwaldfid18288
    Another movie that wasn’t perfect or the critics’ favourite. But I really enjoyed it. THE END. THE END. THE END.
    The movie did make mistakes like showing McGonagall eight years before she was born and I don’t know how they’re fixing that or what sort of backstory it leads to, but I do know that I’m really excited for the next one. Jude Law was so good as Dumbledore and I was happy they went back to Hogwarts. I would, despite all the negatives, recommend you see the movie.


  • Gilmore Girls
    This is probably the only show I’ve been watching for a while and I’m pretty much hooked. Initially, when I watched the first episode, I didn’t think the show was for me but boy am I hooked. It’s just that type of show which you can watch to relax. That’s what I’ve been doing and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT!
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    So the last season of possibly my favourite show EVER comes out and I’m so sad I can’t explain but I’m also SO FUCKING EXCITED for it to start in January. What a way to start the new year! 


  • I absolutely have to talk about Aidan Alexander today. He has released three songs in the past few weeks and I’ve loved all three of them. His voice is so calm and just soothing. I love it!
    I don’t love you is THAT song which hasn’t left my playlist since it has been released. I love it so fucking much. Right from the beat to the lyrics to the vibe, it’s just the song I needed.
    Yours reminds me so much of Troye Sivan and his voice. And honestly I’m so proud of Aidan for releasing such good music. I absolutely adore this song!
    Melancholia is the last song he released and it’s sad and I want to cry but it’s a bop so I’m low-key dancing around my room singing it.
  • I’ve also LOVED A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships by The 1975 (album review coming soon!) these past few days. I absolutely recommend it!
  • I’ve recently gotten into The Wombats and they’re a great band. Love love love them!
  • Also, Cage The Elephant might be coming out with a new record soon and I’m so fucking excited AAAH.
  • I’ve also started listening to Billie Eilesh and I don’t know what what was stopping me until now. She’s such a great artist!
  • Dodie also released new music a while ago and of course I love it and I’m so excited for her entire EP to drop.

some random stuff

    I have been waiting for this for so long and Marvel finally decided to end their months long torture and present us with this wreck of a trailer. I’m not going to jump on any conclusions based on all those videos I watched on YouTube but this movie is going to be sad and is going to see permanent and unwanted deaths and I’m not ready for that. But let’s talk about a few things:
    1. The most important, I think, is the scene with Scott (Ant-Man). He is at the door and Steve is confused since it seems like an old clip but Ant-Man is a new character who is not that old. So, if all the claims floating on the internet are true and that clip really is from 1983- what really happened?
    3. I don’t want Tony Stark to die just like Loki did. He does deserve to be in the movie. He also deserves to live long enough to avenge his own fucking planet. I don’t want another hero dying even before the title of the movie rolls. 
    4. I’m hoping Shuri is seen more in this movie. I love her so much and she hasn’t even met Peter yet (which I’m so looking forward to, by the way) and just give her the footage she deserves.
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Sequel!!Screen-Shot-2018-12-20-at-10.51.41-am-e1545263555617.png
    So, Netflix is really giving the people what they want and I’m so excited for this movie to come out. I like cheesy stuff sometimes (don’t attack me).
  • This year’s Youtube Rewind… need I say more? It was literally the worst and most pointless video I’ve ever seen. What a waste of talent…

life in general

  • This is to notify everyone that my obsession with coffee is still super super strong and it’s definitely not going anywhere.
  • Also, my favourite coffee shop shifted to a new spot and it’s still as pretty as always and man I just love nice, cosy cafes with great food and good music. Send me photos of your favourite coffee shops!
  • Another life update: I’ve spent so much money these past few months that I don’t know how I’ve even kept on buying food and other things. I’m too broke for all these expeneses I keep on building. I don’t know what I’m doing with Christmas presents…
  • My grades are crippling.
  • My parents also won’t let me adopt a dog so that’s just sad.


I start with my winter breaks really soon which is also the perfect time for me to sit down and write things and post them on here. I have all the ideas I want to execute before the year ends and thus, I’ve decided to post everyday for a week leading up to Christmas- we’re calling this BLOGMAS even though it’s for a week. I’m not promising explicitly Christmas related posts but everything in general. So, if you have any recommendations for this upcoming week, leave them down in the comments!





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