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I was scrolling through tumblr and saw a whole lot of pretty pictures so I decided to do a very aesthetic-y kind of post today! Basically, you have to make a montage of pictures that describe you as a person and explain what each picture represents. I saw a similar kind of post on tumblr (follow me there) as well. I was really excited while writing this post so I truly hope you like it!! x


my montage :)))FINALLL

what these pictures mean:

  1. The first picture on the top left corner indicates all the time that I spend on my laptop whilst sipping coffee (I love coffee way too much). The laptop screen also has the start of stranger things (which is a TV show in case you don’t know) on it and that is my FAVOURITE show so it just adds cherry to the pie.
  2. The second picture has guitars on it which symbolises my love for guitar and music and at the same time my utmost desire to own an electric guitar because I only have an acoustic one. There’s one guitar that’s pastel blue in colour and it. is. the. prettiest.
  3. The third picture is a random quote which probably was the only one that I found which matched the whole aesthetic. It says- “Collect beautiful moments”- which stands true as advice in my case because I’m not someone who likes to click a lot of pictures (specially of me and my friends and family) and there are some moments that deserv to be savoured and relived. Have to get better at that…
  4. The fourth picture has a girl painting a rainbow which, for me, signifies the LGBTQ+ community and equality. I feel deeply for these two issues in particular and there wouldn’t be anything as incredible as acceptance in the society.
  5. The next picture is of a Volkswagen minibus which is an indication of my love for cars as well as travelling. I also wish to learn surfing, hence the surf board. The sun set in the background just reflects my love for sunsets.
  6. The sixth picture is kind of obvious. I love books and am quite obsessed with fairy lights (I don’t care if you think they’re over-rated).
  7. The one on the bottom left corner has one of my favourite books- the perks of being a wallflower– in it and that’s probably the only reason I included this picture. I, also, really like sweaters so it reflects that.
  8. The eighth picture has small blue succulents and I find succulents so adorable and blue is my favourite colour. I just wish I could take care of one.
  9. The last picture in this montage has a pair of converse shoes in it and I love converse and also really love shoes in general.

That is all the explaining I’m doing right now. I didn’t go very deep and philosophical this time so, yay me! I’m doing something like this for the first time so let me know if you’d like these kind of posts in the future. I hope you have the best day today!




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