uncanny yet so beautiful

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I was going to school the other day, just the regular- the regular road, regular vehicle, regular ‘i don’t want to go to school’ mood but the thing that differed were the people.

Each person that I see everyday whilst indulging in any activity outside is different. Their hair are different, their culture is different, their circumstances are different and most of all their thoughts are different.

I am an observer (not in a creepy way, I swear). I like to observe different things, that most people probably won’t even bother looking at. And while I’m observing things, trying to decode the catastrophe inside them, I can’t help but wonder why are these people doing what they’re doing? Why is this man buying medicine at the local pharmacy? Is there someone seriously ill in his family? Why is that lady walking in such a hurry? Is her baby okay with going about in this heat? I’m sweating, honestly. Why did this woman buy so many groceries? Is she having a party tonight? Why is that guy working at McDonald’s? How old is he? I see that couple walking by- are they in love?

I know this can sound incredibly nosy because no one has to answer any of these questions but I can’t help but ponder about this rather intrusive lot of thoughts.

I see people around me and I want to know how their life is going and if they’re happy. I want to know if their purpose for getting out of bed today is good and strong, if they even got out on their own will, that is.

It can be a little overwhelming though, for me to think this way. Because I tend to, a lot of times, compare myself to those people. Sometimes, I would see a person and through a labyrinth of possibilities in my head, I’d come to think that he’s sad. And I’d immediately question why? And what brings happiness to me at that very moment. (Or it can be the other way around.)

It truly is fascinating to me- the different ways people live, love, laugh, cry. The way person I acts may be different from the way person II acts and yet we compare them. And it’s not always just a random person taking time to notice and compare while on a rather regular venture, but it’s also people all too familiar with these differences that compare- at school and work.

We’re so different as humans yet the same. We experience all the emotions- happiness, sadness, confusion, betrayal etcetera- and they are a medium for us to connect. But no one experiences these emotions the same way and that’s what distinguishes us from each other. And this concept is uncanny yet so beautiful for it gives each person an intellectual identity.

What do you think about it? Are you an observer like me? Have you ever experienced this trail of thoughts? How have they affected you? Feel free to leave down in the comments!

Me xx


18 thoughts on “uncanny yet so beautiful

  1. Ahh I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I get caught up in people watching (not creepy I swear! πŸ˜‚) and I just imagine what is going on in their life. Also i find it weird to think that these people all have their own lives and I’m just a random passerby to them, if you get what I mean? Really loved this post πŸ’›

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  2. I do this more when I’m in class. I look around at my mates and think about how they may be feeling and whether they have family issues. It’s weird in a good way.

    Anyway, I’m Adoma and I’ve been paired with you to take part in Gracie’s project. I don’t use my email very often. Kindly follow me on twitter @asare_adei. Will be expecting your reply. x

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