dear homophobes

dear homophobes

Dear homophobes,

I’ve been taught in school to start all informal letters with a simple how are you- so, how are you today? I hope you’re doing well. I am a mere teenager and yet I’m here to talk to you about love. Funny, isn’t it?

When I think of the word ‘love’ and the different meanings it has to different people, it puts a smile on my face. We’ve all, always talked about how love conquers hate. How if we learn to love things- flawed yet beautiful- then we truly are a step ahead to inner peace, to world peace. We often also talk about how a person changes when he/she finds love. Then what I don’t seem to understand is where does this love that we all seem to talk about, the love that we want to achieve, goes when it comes to a person loving another person? Why do you get to choose who someone loves and who they don’t?

I’m a firm believer of happiness. I believe that happiness can be found in the smallest of things, in the darkest of times. I believe that happiness exists in all forms- within oneself, in objects or in someone else- and it has the ability to exist peacefully. So if someone else wants to love a person, regardless of their gender, what bad are they doing YOU? I hope you understand that by being so unsupportive of a certain community, by neglecting the love between two people, you’re taking away their happiness. I hope you know that it’s getting costlier day by day.

All these people are completely normal and just as amazing as every other human being on this planet.

Love is love. And you don’t have any right to deny anyone of this equal right. People are people and they’re meant to love. Equality is what we’re striving for- equality among races, among religions, among people- and equality among people with different love interests is already under that list; I hope you accept that as soon as possible.

Love is a strong feeling of affection and no one controls these feelings, people are born that way. They’re born to love the people they like, they’re born to live an equal life. 

Love, me


Hello! So I’m finally here with the series I was talking about over a month ago, I guess? I’m sorry, I don’t even remember. I was just looking for the right things to post. I’m really happy with what I’m posting at the moment. Let me know if you feel the same; it’s lovely to get feedback! Also, to all the people under the LGBTQ+ spectrum, I want you to know that I support you and you’re unique and amazing and loved. Embrace who you are as a person and love yourself. Happy Pride Month to you all! Keep hugging, keep kissing, keep loving.💙


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