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Where are you right now? Are you sat on your bed? Are you outside in the park and reading this through the wordpress app? Or are you procrastinating studying and scrolling through your blog? Is your sitting position comfortable enough? How is your mental health? Are you feeling blue? Are you content with yourself? Are you unhappy with certain things about yourself? Why? Are you eating enough? Are pizza and fruits both part of your diet- happy and healthy? Are you hydrated enough? Did you drink water in the past hour? How is the weather today? Is it good? Is it bad? Did you crib about it to your mom because it’s your least favourite?  Are you getting enough sleep? Are you going out enough? Or are you confined inside the four walls of your room? Are you happy with your current position? Why or why not? Do you think you could put in more effort? Do you think more hard work is needed? What do others think about you? Is it good? Is it bad? Why do you care what they think? Are you letting them control what you do? How healthy is it? Are you possibly shadowing your real self behind a fake facade? Do you ever think about how life would be if you did what YOU really liked? How are your friends? Are they supportive? Are they always there for you? Can they make you smile in your lowest lows? When was the last time you felt too anxious about something? Why did it make you anxious? Do you think you can control it? Are you telling your loved ones that you love them? Why not? When was the last time you fought with someone? Why? Was it worth it? Did you recently call someone names because you think they are weird? Why? What are your views on politics? Do you think it’s fair? How is your favourite sport doing at the moment?  Is it quite famous? Do you think unfair means are being used in it? Do you think you want to change some things about people, about the world? If so, what and why? Do you think the world could ever be a better place? Is the world truly going to an apocalyptic stage? Do you feel safe? Are people questioning you for who you are? Do you care? Are you trying new things whenever you get the chance? Are you embracing the real you? Are you truly living? Or just merely existing?

I feel like we need certain things in our lives and questioning ourselves from time to time is one of them. It is really important to give ourselves a reality check once in a while and think about things that we really don’t think matter for they are either rather small and unnoticeable or out of our reach. These are some questions I find asking myself at times and if you haven’t really taken the time to answer them, then go ahead! Answer them as truthfully as you can. I hope you see my purpose behind them. And I also hope that you’re having a great day/night! Until next time…

Me xx


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