people who impact my life

people who impact


I thought of doing something a little different today and talk about people that inspire me and whom I look upto and those who I’m proud of. I really wanted to talk about a bunch of people and them influencing my life in a lot of ways and making separate posts for each one would be too long, I guess. So I decided to merge it all in one post and talk about them. Hope you like it. Please make sure to leave in the comments some of the people that inspire you and influence you; I would love to know. x

Also PS. I shortened these down.

  1. Connor Franta Okay, so if you’ve stuck around my blog for a long time now, you’d know how obsessed I am with him. (Don’t kill me, please.) I started watching his videos in 2015 I guess and I see them progressing, content-wise (and other stuff too which I’m too stupid to understand), each and every week. I see him making videos about gender roles and breaking them, about kindness, about acceptance, about not giving a shit about what society says. His content is so positive and leaves a smile on my face, always. Both his books address great issues and I’m genuinely inspired by him to strive for something that gives me more than just money. I truly admire him and am proud of what he has become. (Connor, if you’re reading this, I love you.💙)
  2. 5 Seconds Of Summer- *coughs* I talk about them too much, sorry. *coughs* So for everyone who don’t know who they are- 5sos is an amazing band from Australia who play pop/rock music and try to be punk at times too. They make great music and the lyrics hit you in the feels because you can relate to them so much. (Check them out.) What I’ve always taken from them is that you always start from scratch and no matter how many times you think you’ll fail, you succeed in the end. They started out in garages and they sold out Madison Square garden last year. And despite all this, they’re humble and they love their fans and I absolutely adore that. Their music helped me so much through a dark period in my life (lol I know I’m young but everyone has those) and I can’t thank them enough.💙
  3. Troye Sivan (If you haven’t heard his album, you should go check it out!) First off, his voice is majestic. (I had to) He started singing on YouTube when he was like twelve and now he’s twenty-two and look at him! He’s inspired me to root for my dreams and passions and not give a shit about what people think. He taught me to break barriers and live a more carefree life and do whatever I want as long as I’m happy with it. His lyrics are also deep hitting and the songs sound amazeballs. I adore him so much and genuinely would like to hug him and tell him how he’s impacted things that I do.
  4. Writers all around the world- I’m constantly astounded by their creativity, styles of writing and ideas and just everything and anything they put into making beautiful pieces of writing. I look up to each and every one of them and am inspired to go on writing by what I find on my WordPress reader, Instagram feed and Tumblr feed. Each writer is an artist, painting their picture using syllables. I adore everyone reading this right now, regardless of your view points on your own writing. I also adore all those authors who have given me things to read and fantasies to knit. I’m thankful to you all! x

…And that’s a wrap. I hope you guys don’t completely hate me because I talk too much about these people. (I swear my friends secretly do) I hope you’re all doing good today and are not very stressed. Remember to stay healthy and hydrated (It’s too hot here). Until my next post..

Me xx



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