i love being random


I really wanted to put up a post updating you guys with what’s up and everything and also to announce something and also to ask a couple of questions. In a nutshell: this post is random but I urge you to read till the end please!

So currently I’m a few weeks into my summer vacations and even though I have exams as soon as my school reopens, I’m trying to be less stressed and enjoy whatever time I have by being lazy and unproductive. (Also just so everyone knows- Halsey’s new album ‘HOPELESS FOUNTAIN KINGDOM’ is amazing and I’m obsessed.)

  • Okay so first off, my announcement (it kinda is, kinda is not): I’m going to be starting these series called ‘letters to them’ wherein I’d be writing letters to certain groups of people (eg. letters to extroverts etc.) and I personally think it’d be super cool and fun to do that. I’m excited! Leave your opinions down below and also if you have a certain someone/groups/communities you think I should write to.
  • I also want you guys to send in stuff that you want to see me write because we’re half way into this year and I want to start writing things that I haven’t before. I want to try new things. It’d be super cool if you can give in suggestions.
  • I want to post more poems as well. I don’t know if you would like that, but if you would then please let me know in the comment box down below.
  • Lastly, I’m hoping I get to collaborate with more writers. I’m pretty sure I’ll be contacting some soon but if you want to collaborate on a post with me then email me on queenofprocrastinationn@hotmail.com or leave a message down in the comment section of this post or on the contact page.

That’s all folks! This year is particularly busy for me yet this is the year I’ve set the most goals for myself. I hope you enjoy what I write in the future and please send in feedback; it would mean the absolute world. Hope you have great day! x

Me xx


6 thoughts on “i love being random

  1. Hi! Congratulations! You are a winner of the A Passion For The World Blogging Project! Your entry had been featured in my latest post. Please do check it out and read the entries of the other bloggers.

    Thank you for getting involved!

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