am i..?

who am i?

i say to myself

looking in the mirror

engulfed in splotchy stains

and miscellaneous personas

all asking the same question

over and over again

afraid of what lies

after the question in their heads

am i cool enough?

good enough?

wise enough?

am i pretty enough?

curvy enough?

thin enough?

do i fit in?

with society as the

spectators in their minds

they engrave the answer

in the streets of their brain

making sure it’s loud and clear

to the same people

making sure they’re having fun

even in their lowest ebbs

to be someone they’re not

to repress something they feel a lot

to be liked for their

pretty masquerade

to be accepted with

their sugar coated word play

it’s a way of life

say the elderly

to be respected in the society being

the greatest gain of all

i would say i

beg to differ

mustering the courage for this step

i find my answer

no one was born

to fit into something they

think is wrong

for there’s not only life

but something beyond

and the goal is

to not cry over it when

life ends

and the afterlife is the

only thing you

have left

-me xx


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