22nd May 2017, Manchester


Another horrible incident. Another night where people lost their loved ones.

I woke up today and as soon as I opened my twitter, all I saw was tweets regarding a certain incident which I had no idea about. Upon checking google, I couldn’t help but get goosebumps. Kids, teens, adults- all were there to have the time of their lives but in turn they were faced with something no one deserves to go through.

If you’re unaware of what happened, let me fill you in: on 22nd May in Manchester, after Ariana Grande had left the stage and the concert had ended, there was an explosion which left 22 dead and 50+ people were injured.

Concerts are supposed to be a happy place where everyone feels safe, where they can have all the fun they want and feel accepted nevertheless. Concerts, clubs, schools, streets- is there any place we are safe? And how many more safe places to go until a certain bunch of people get whatever their meaning of peace is? How many more lives?How many more tears? How many more of us?

Innocent lives were lost just for the sake of someone’s happiness; is that what the world has come to? If yes, then it truly is broken. For all we know right now, it was an act of terror and I will forever fail to understand what these terrorist organisations work for? Keeping aside all the conspiracy theories about their establishing and working, why do things like these? Why make someone else suffer for your own happiness?

I’m devastated by what happened, not only on 22nd May but on every single day lives were lost due to acts of terror. All my love and prayers are with the victims, Manchester and Ariana. I hope for a steady recovery and happiness. And to all those who lost their lives, Rest In Peace. You will forever be remembered.

love, me


14 thoughts on “22nd May 2017, Manchester

  1. It’s horrible. So, so horrible. This attack was the one that got me the most emotionally, I just can’t stand all the hate in the world. Well done and thank you for writing such a great post on it all xx

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      1. Same here. And now what’s horrible is that the identities of all the dead are being slowly released, and it’s so heartbreaking reading them all. It’s ok, I find it so hard to write posts about topics like this, whoever does I really respect!

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  2. theiridescentworldofindy

    When my friend first told me about this I thought she was lying to me! I couldn’t believe that something like that would actually happen!! And then she showed me the news and I was speechless

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