Yes I did say that MUSIC MONDAY would be a monthly thing but it turned out differently because:

  • I had no time to even breathe let alone discover new music or listen to any of my favourite songs at that moment.
  • I was a little lazy.
  • I got nominated for a bunch of tags (A couple of them are still left) and then I had other ideas for posts so MUSIC MONDAY never made the cut.


For this episode of MUSIC MONDAY, I decided to I wouldn’t say review but just give a general opinion on the songs that came out in the month of April and however days have passed in May. Some great artists are releasing music this year and I am beyond happy because I adore those people so much. Talking about artists, I would love to know some of your favourite artists or anyone particular that you’ve been obsessing over who isn’t really famous, someone you don’t listen to on the radio quite frequently. Also for music recommendations, you can check the bottom of my blog for songs that I recommend weekly.


So without further ado, let’s get into this!


  1. Life Of The Party by All Time Low

All Time Low have given their music a different sound this time and in my opinion, this song just tends to have a little more of guitar than the other two they have also recently released. Is there really any All Time Low song without some great lyrics? NO. This song makes so much sense. It’s about losing yourself in a swarm of people and not knowing who you are anymore. I absolutely love this song.


  1. Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles

I honestly didn’t expect Harry to come back with this kind of a sound. I thought it’d be pop-y and just slightly different from One Direction but it exceeded all my expectations. It’s such a cool song with, again, great lyrics and I’m a sucker for a song with great and meaningful lyrics.


  1. Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy

Now don’t get me wrong Fall Out Boy is one of the bands that I’ve been listening to for ages now but this song didn’t appeal to me at all. It felt more of like an EDM song rather than a rock song and I love Fall Out Boy because of all the rock stuff that combines to make one of their songs. I haven’t found myself going back to it. It was kind of disappointing. (Please don’t kill me. This is just my opinion and I hope you respect it.)


  1. I Can’t Breathe by Bea Miller

I love her voice. It is raw and just wonderful. This song is such a beautiful song and I absolutely adore it’s lyrics.


  1. Eyes Closed by Halsey

Again this song is different from Badlands and I really do like it. Please appreciate my queen. I love her.


  1. Last Young Renegade by All Time Low

Catchy! It is such a catchy song and the whole idea behind the album that will be released in June (SQUEEEE) is great. I always and forever will love All Time Low for putting so much into their music.


  1. Taxi by The Maine

So The Maine released their album in April (ahhh!) and I couldn’t pick a favourite song so this is this for now. I love the way it sounds and it’s catchy! (there isn’t an original version of this song on YouTube so here’s the link to a fan-made video)


  1. Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

I don’t really know when this song was released and I’m too lazy to ask Google about it so might as well include it. Honestly speaking, I don’t like The Chainsmokers that much. They’re quite overrated and me and overrated things mostly don’t go together but I have to say this song was pretty great and for a nerd like me, the lyrics were fabulous (excuse me if I talk about lyrics too much please). I can’t wait for the new Coldplay EP!


  1. Hard Times by Paramore

Paramore is back people! (happy times)

Love love love this song. Kindly appreciate this song with it’s rainbow aesthetic.


  1. Middle Of The Night by The Vamps

It was kind of on the electronic side I would say but I really liked this song. Also I love their concept of releasing their upcoming album. So excited for it!


So this is it for now. There are a lot of songs that I didn’t talk about here because the post was already long enough and I have this weird thing where I want everything to be a multiple of 5 (eg. 10) or just 7 so I decided to just end it here (lol sorry I’m weird). I hope you go and listen to a few of these songs. Make sure to leave in the comments which one you liked the best! Hope you have a great day/night. Until next time….


Me xx


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