Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental Health Awareness Week: your mental illness doesn’t define youTwo really cool bloggers Arya and Shruti from The Indian Avaaz came up with this idea to spread the word about mental health related issues to the blogging community (and beyond, if that’s possible) and I think it’s great to have people putting forward issues that need more recognition and acceptance. Thank you so much for that Arya and Shruti. I, however, was nominated by A Light In The Darkness to put forth what I feel about mental health and mental illness. I started thinking about this issue closely only last year so I’m glad that by writing about it, I am contributing something to the society. Thank you so much to Gracie for letting me write about it. You should totally go and check out the two blogs I’ve listed above and read their posts about the same issue, and also read the other cool stuff that they write.

Also, to spread the word even more, the creators decided that every blogger has to nominate two people to do the same. So I nominate May (forever and everly) and Rainbow Girl (The Fabulous Rainbow Blog) to write their thoughts on mental health. I also urge all of you to go do this as well because if more people write about it, more people who aren’t quite familiar with it, will get to know about it and I mean isn’t that the point of it all? Awareness and acceptance? (It’d be great if your posts could be up by Sunday x)

All the bloggers writing this post also have to list some helplines so if any of you suffering from any mental illness needs support, please go to International Helplines. This particular website has helpline numbers for a whole bunch of countries and I truly hope you get help from them.

Mental Illness. People think you can’t have it. It’s like there’s something in their brain telling them that having a mental disease is equivalent to not having any kind of mental balance, in simpler words it’s just being crazy. And I absolutely hate it that instead of acknowledging the fact that we can all suffer from any form of metal illness, the society has made it so taboo that people think it’s something that’s not possible. I don’t know about you but I have seen people afraid to come up with the truth about their mental health because the judgement rate is so high. Mental Health is as IMPORTANT as physical health. Since childhood we’ve been taught that a human is a mixture of physique and intellect, that both our brains and bodies are important in maintaining good health but its disappointing to see that as we seem to grow up, we forget the values that should’ve never left in the first place.

People with some kind of mental illness are often seen as people trying to seek attention. WHY? Why would someone go through something so horrible just to seek attention? We need to grow up, not just in terms of years but in terms of maturity and understanding. We need to know that these people are no different and hell, they don’t deserve to be referred to as “these people”. We all are one and a little imbalance of our health doesn’t make any of us inferior.

Mental Health is an important issue and I’m truly grateful to all the people who acknowledge it and understand it and do their best to support it.

To all the people going through a rough time, may it be some kind of illness or just something which affects your mental health, IT WILL BE OKAY. All that you’re going through will be okay and you’ll be happy once again. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help– to friends, family or a professional- because someone here cares for you and by no means do we want you to give up. KEEP GOING. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

This year the theme for the mental health awareness week is not to think about how and why so many people suffer from bad mental health, but why do such small amount of people suffer from the good one. So I just wanted to also talk about how my mental health has been lately. To be honest, it hasn’t been really good, I would say. Quite rocky and weird and not healthy. By no means am I a person to share things about my bad days but I want to say that it will NEVER always be sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it will be grey clouds and heavy rain and we will have to deal with it because it is a part of life. Although this isn’t initially a part of this post but to all the people who want or will do this tag (maybe?), it will be super amazing if you could include something about your mental health. I’m not saying a few paragraphs but maybe a couple of lines would be enough. This way, even if you haven’t thought much about your mental well-being, you can actually shine a light on what your mental health at the moment really is and think about it. If it’s bad you can start doing things that make you feel happy and be more considerate about it, and if it’s good: share your ways of being happy or some things (meditation and stuff) that you do to not let your mental health fall apart. Spread joy and happiness.

Thank you so much for reading through this. Once again: you are not defined by your mental health.


Me xx


11 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Week

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  2. theiridescentworldofindy

    I feel like everyone has suffered with mental health issues at one point, and sometimes they don’t even know it. I have personally had experiences with depression and I can tell you that they only way to start getting better is to tell someone, because it takes some weight off your shoulders. This is such a great post!

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