i love being random

Hello! I really wanted to put up a post updating you guys with what's up and everything and also to announce something and also to ask a couple of questions. In a nutshell: this post is random but I urge you to read till the end please! So currently I'm a few weeks into my …

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people who impact my life

Hello! I thought of doing something a little different today and talk about people that inspire me and whom I look upto and those who I'm proud of. I really wanted to talk about a bunch of people and them influencing my life in a lot of ways and making separate posts for each one …

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6 months… what??!

So my blog is 6 MONTHS OLD TODAY! 72 beautiful people follow and read my blog and if you ask me, I never did really think I’d be able to get more than 10 people to follow me so that’s cool! I have 1100+ views GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I decided to list a few facts about me in this post. Cliché, I know but considering how I never did that in my 6 month journey, I think I still qualify to do that.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week: your mental illness doesn't define you. Two really cool bloggers Arya and Shruti from The Indian Avaaz came up with this idea to spread the word about mental health related issues to the blogging community (and beyond, if that's possible) and I think it's great to have people putting forward issues that need more recognition and acceptance. This year the theme for the mental health awareness week is not to think about how and why so many people suffer from bad mental health, but why do such small amount of people suffer from the good one.