Why I Love Me tag!

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Today I’m here with another tag. All The Jazz did this tag and nominated the first five bloggers who liked her post. This tag was created by Thoughtful Tash and I think this idea is wonderful. In this time of hate and judgement, it’s really important to have things like this to remind you at times that you’re still great. Thank you to Tash for creating such a cool tag! You can go and check both the blogs linked above because they’re really cool! x


  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Leave a link to the original tag creator (Thoughtful Tash) to get a bit more info about WHY this tag was made!
  • Write 10 things you love about YOURSELF and WHY.
  • Nominate at least 5 other bloggers.
  • In the comments of the blog post, spread more self-love with compliments to each other! THE MORE LOVE THE BETTER!


  1. I like my eyes. They might not be something unique but they’re a really dark shade of brown, almost black and there’s this one funny story attached to it. In kindergarten, my friends and I would argue if I had black eyes or brown and they wouldn’t believe that I had brown eyes. It was obviously stupid- us arguing over this stupid thing- but it’s so funny now when I think about it.
  2. Don’t think I’m creepy because of this but I like my feet. They’re just thin and fairer than my complexion really. My feet are pale whilst my whole body is a little tan so its weird. But my feet are just nice to me.
  3. I like my humour. People might think my jokes and puns are lame but I don’t (who does anyway😂).
  4. I like the fact that I don’t really like getting compliments. Now, don’t get me wrong, one or two are great really but when I do well in something and several people (I have friends, yes) want to congratulate me and compliment me on how good I was I automatically get uncomfortable and don’t know what to say. The good thing: I don’t get over confident the next time. Bad thing: I don’t​ know what people think about me after this. So it isn’t something I necessarily love but I thought I might include it.
  5. I like my fingers. They’re really long and thin. I think God forgot to bless me with a good height so it gave height to my fingers (that’s my theory, yes). Once my guitar teacher told me that my fingers were too long for the guitar too (as a joke of course).
  6. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I LOVE my hair because they’re curly and SUPER hard to maintain but when I’m having good hair days, they do look good and I don’t feel completely ugly for once (haha, kidding).
  7. I love my music taste. Not many people around me like the same music as I do, in fact only one of my friends really does like the same music as me. But I really like the fact that the kind of music I listen to doesn’t just sound amazing but the lyrics all mean something. They aren’t just about getting high and sleeping with fifty girls in a row but a deeper meaning is hiding behind each word, carved beautifully into a song.
  8. I like the way I think. I mean of course because it’s my thinking but I genuinely like how I think about social, political, cultural issues. I’m a very intellectual person and I like that about myself. That means I have some depth to myself and I don’t hide it away behind how cool I am. I like people who are intellectual and smart and witty and intelligent (I’m not smart, witty and intelligent. Just stating a fact).
  9. I like the fact that I can keep secrets. Firstly, WHY would you want to tell someone someone else’s secret? That’s just not how things work so if you’re one of those people who intentionally spreads someone’s deepest darkest secrets, DON’T do that please. I can keep secrets easily and I like that I’m contributing in keeping peace in my surroundings.
  10. I’ve made it till here. That was a long way honestly.😁 The final thing that I love about myself is that I love writing. I love that I put my thoughts forth in the world and that I have a voice that I like to be heard out, not very loud, but to a fair share of people. Writing here doesn’t just include essays and written pieces but poems. I like to think that I practice some form of art. And I appreciate each and every one of you for starting a blog and doing wonders with it! x


I also nominate all of you reading this to do this tag because it is such a great tag and spreads so much positivity and positivity is what we should spread more, at least in our little blogging world. Hope you have a great day/night.
Me xx

4 thoughts on “Why I Love Me tag!

  1. I like my humor too??? Except online. I am not so funny irl. XD I mean, I’m so awkward irl I just can’t. I love to write too! And GOSH YES I LOVE THE WAY I CAN KEEP SECRETS. I call myself loyal, because even if someone I hate tells me something that’s personal, I won’t tell anyone else. I mean, just common sense, yo.

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