Q n’ A

Q n' A


So I asked all of you to send me questions for a little Q n’ A in my last post. I honestly thought that no one would even send me questions but the response was over-whelming. Thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions. I’ve linked the respective bloggers near their questions, if you want you can check their blogs out because they are amazing. I answered all the questions that you guys sent in and I had so much fun answering these while Andy Black was playing in the background!

So let’s move in with the QUESTIONS!

Sunset or sunrise? (by:Autumn)

Okay I’m in with only the first question and I’m already indecisive. I would say the sunrise because mornings always remind me of adventure and nature. It’s great when you go on a little hike early in the morning or you just go explore a new place instead of just sleeping in. As much as I love sleep, adventure and exploring is my one other love and I won’t trade that thrill in my veins for anything else.

At the same time I would say sunset because it reminds me that however bad or good the day might be, something new and mysterious might be waiting for me tomorrow (like unicorns).

If there was a fire in your home, and you had the opportunity to save five objects, what would they be and why? (by: All The Jazz)

My book shelf because everything in there is too precious, my laptop because I don’t have a backup yet for all my files (I’m lazy), my wardrobe because it will take time to build up a new one and I won’t want to give away a lot of my clothes and accessories, my precious little guitar because I love playing it, and all the picture albums in our house because those are memories and I always want to have them, even when I’m like 80.

Favourite YouTuber (by: Autumn)

Connor Franta. He is such an inspiration to me in every way possible. I love what he does and the kind of videos he makes. He talks about all kinds of topics and voices his opinions openly and his second book just came out and I’m proud of him.

Describe your bedroom. (by: Autumn)

My bedroom is pretty plain but I’m planning to put up posters of bands and my favourite tv shows and animes soon. So there’s this one door from which you enter my room and there’s a door opposite it which leads to the balcony. My bed is against one wall and my desk and book shelf are against the other. There are two cupboards as well. So in a nutshell, my room is like a typical grandma’s room except for the fact that bright pink curtains with fishes all over it hang from above my window, and I never bothered to change them so yeah that’s pretty much my room. Plain and boring but good music is always blaring through my speakers so I don’t bother much.

Do you remember your dreams? If so, which is the craziest one? And the most boring one? (by: its.me.b)

I remember some, just like every other human being. No one always remembers all of his/her dreams and I’m no different. The craziest dream I’ve ever had was when I dreamt that me and a couple of my friends were in this “spooky” place at my school which is rumoured to have spirits and I reckon it’s 100% shit. Me and my friends were with a guide who was guiding us around a room which used to be the smallest green room ever (stupid, I know). Then while leaving, me and the guide saw something and she told me that she was completely sure that it was a ghost. I asked her if we could see where it went and she shooed me away, telling me we shouldn’t go up there right now. As for the most boring dream, I don’t remember any.

Is the cup always half empty or half full? (by: theiridescentworldofindy)

It’s always completely filled with air. *attaches science experiment here*

Favourite book? (by:Autumn)

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is my favourite book of all time. It’s such a beautiful book with all kinds of stuff that you’d want. It talks about friendship, love, family, high school etc. and it’s just really beautiful. I don’t know if there’s something like a go-to book but mine definitely is The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

What do you want to accomplish with this blog? [What’s your aim? What do you want to leave the blogosphere with?]  (by: May @ Forever and Everly)

Sometimes I felt like my opinions didn’t matter in the real world, that I shouldn’t voice them at times but after starting this blog, I realized that they did matter. So my aim here is to talk about things I feel like are important- social issues or music- and put forth my ideas. I also aim to improve the way I write and use heavier words in sentences with better punctuation.

I want to leave the blogosphere (such a nice word) as a person who said what she felt was right and was just like any other normal person, clumsy and awkward. Someone who was a nerd and a geek but wasn’t in her own bubble when it came to speaking up. I want people to take from my blog the fact that their voice is important and that whatever they might think about themselves, they’re talented and great. I want them to feel good about themselves when they read my posts. I genuinely want everyone to be happy but as much as I dream of being a peace-maker, I’m not. So I want as many people as possible to feel happy and content with themselves.

If you had one day left to live, what would you do? (by: xoxo, c.)

If I had one day left to live I’d just do all my favourite things one last time and listen to all my favourite bands and stalk all my celebrity crushes and actually get out of the house to bid adieu to all my friends and admire them. And then die a peaceful death, leaving a message to the world to be more peaceful and accepting.

What can you not live without? (by: Autumn)

I would say my sense of humor and my intellectual personality. I can’t imagine myself not caring about anime, bands, poems, books and writing. I don’t think I could ever be that extrovert, bitchy party girl who likes the kind of movies and songs which have no substance at all.

What do you want to accomplish in the world? (by: May @ Forever and Everly)

I would love to accomplish complete and genuine happiness, happiness for myself and for as many people as I can. Sadness and darkness has taken everything into it’s embrace and I want this world to truly be free from it and get back into the process of light and dark instead of just dark-dark-dark.

What are some of your hobbies? (by: May @ Forever and Everly) (A similar question was submitted by Autumn so I just decided to answer this one because it’s hard to pick a favourite hobby)

My hobbies are reading, writing, listening to music and playing guitar. I’m always happy doing one of these things.

Do you say partly sunny or partly cloudy? (by: its.me.b)

I was about to say partly sunny but then I realized that they mean the exact same, what?

What did you want to be growing up? What do you want to be now? (by: its.me.b)

This is a great question! I wanted to be a pediatrician when I was younger because I loved babies but after a certain period of time I realized that kids get annoying after a certain age so I stopped dreaming about this doctor thing.

I’m not really sure what I want to do now. I want to master in Economics and Finance but I also have Astrophysics in my mind. I really love English too.

Do you write a diary or anything? ( by:Autumn)

I used to write frequently but I don’t think I write in it more than twice or thrice a month now. It’s really stupid anyway so I don’t really bother.

Do you know how you want your life to be? Like which job, kids, marriage etc. If yes to any of those, what type of job? What names do you like? And what would you wedding be like? (by: mermaidtrash)

Sadly I haven’t given it a lot of thought yet. I know I want to be happy with myself and be successful and good at what I do. I want to travel and explore and go on adventures, and I want to keep writing. I want to make wiser choices in the future. I really like the name Autumn and Amber.

What is the best advice that you have ever been given? (by: xoxo, c.)

My mum once told me that ‘if you want to party hard, work harder’ and I think it’s been in the back of my mind since then, coming to the front side whenever I party too much which rarely happens nowadays but it reminds to work hard to achieve my goal and watch less anime.

Favourite quote? (by: Autumn)

‘It is here; it is past.’ – Viginia Woolf

I feel like it’s a simple quote but holds so much power. I don’t think it is meant to even be a quote but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?


I hope you enjoyed and were satisfied with the answers to your questions. Thanks again for submitting them!

Me xx


4 thoughts on “Q n’ A

  1. I love doing this Q&A!! Ohh haha and about the partly sunny/partly cloudy question, I was asked that question and it was very funny because I had the same reaction as you, except I say partly cloudy. It is more about the “psychological” connotation or something like that. Nevermind it is just me being an usual geek🤓😝

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