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This question popped into my mind a month or so after I started this blog: “what should I really write about?” Like I had no clue what to write about, I didn’t know what kind of posts people liked and at the same time would give me self satisfaction too. So I had this idea to write about what I generally do when I can’t really come up with something to write. I know it sounds kind of lame but it’s amusing if you look at the flip side of it.

I was so naive about the blogging world and blog posts that I didn’t really broaden my mind to all the things that i could write about. Like I wrote about photographs and I never thought I’d do that, but there had always been this person inside of me wanting to jump up and tell all my friends that “stop taking so many pictures,” “it’s just a waste of time,” “let’s go eat food.” But I never said it because the one and only time I did, not many people listened to me, so I gave up the idea once and for all. But that wasn’t even the point of this blog post, what are you doing stupid girl?

So my point initially was that I wanted to kind of bring the idea back of writing a post where I list what I do when I can’t come up with something to write on. Obviously everyone, once in a while, doesn’t know what to write and here’s what I generally do. Like the habitual thing.

In these past four or five months that I’ve been writing on this blog, I’ve understood that to write anything, you need to get inspired and if you just step out of your house for a little while, you can truly write something tremendous (my moment hasn’t come yet, sorry). It’s not like I really step out of the house but school, Instagram posts, messages and other things like this always inspire me. I’ve recently been going out a lot (which was literally three days but hey! It definitely counts) because of back to school shopping and everything, so I’ve been successful in getting inspired and enlightened by my fellow beings and surroundings. But I decided to drag along this post on your WordPress readers anyway. So I hope you like it. You can even make this a tag or something, like it’s lame but can really be tried. If you want this to be a tag, comment down below and I might do a revised version of it in the form of a tag. So this is the BEHIND THE SCENES of my posts!

  1. First off, I procrastinate. Always. I procrastinate actually about sitting down and writing something and then adding a featured image and everything. I love writing but I can procrastinate about anything. ANYTHING.
  2. So next, when I’m done just randomly staring at the ceiling as a form of procrastination, I sit down in front of my laptop/phone and open the writing page for writing (???).
  3. I wait for like ten minutes for a miracle to happen and give my brain an amazing idea but I just end up watching YouTube. Sometimes it’s just one of those days when you don’t really feel motivated but you have missed one of the ‘post twice/thrice a week’ thing so you really have to get it done.
  4. When I finally get myself to stop watching Connor Franta, I have a group of words and I form them into a sentence and write a couple of paragraphs and leave it in the form of a draft. Now this draft, never gets upgraded into a published post; it always remains the way it was born.
  5. I’m five steps in and already out of content- a fine display of my ‘I don’t know what to write’ skills. Hahahaha, just kidding.
  6. After not being satisfied with my YouTube-originated draft/post, I just delve deeper and think what is the one thing that I can REALLY talk about. Then I go back to this small notebook that I have which contains the things I want to include in posts and what i want my blog to be.
  7. I feel inspired after that, genuinely. It’s not your typical notebook. I’m four pages in but 1. I like the feeling of a notebook in front of me and a pencil in my hand and 2. the notebook is black. So I just go in with the notebook thing.
  8. This is the CLIMAX. What really happens after I refer to my black notebook. Drum Roll….dundun.. ………….. I usually just end up talking about books or music or my dream (if you haven’t read that post about my dream, it’s linked here, you can check it out 😉 just CLICK HERE).

Haha this ends here. Now I genuinely apologize for the lame-ness that this post displayed, I didn’t intend to but sometimes a sarcastic, funny, lame post is good for your blog. People can really connect, I think so. I hope you liked me being stupid. Also do remember to leave in the comments if this should be a tag.

Me xx


6 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes

  1. This post was hilarious!xD I can relate to this so much, especially the procrastinating, giving up, and watching YouTube. Sometimes it really feels as if there’s nothing to write about. Isn’t it amazing how YouTubers never seem to run out of amazing ideas though? Loved reading this post:) XO c.

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