I’m alive

Another first day, another set of nerves. You know how they say that these are never ending, the first days. Well at least for the twelve suck-y years of your school life, specially the four hellish years of high school. Ugh! How I wish high school would just vanish off from all the dictionaries and all the minds and all the just on the tip of tongue’s. Because let’s admit it, it’s really hell in a nutshell. Obviously you might be thinking, “how does it make any difference? High school is still going to suck?” Well yeah it will, but at least people won’t be telling you that “gosh, you’re in high school,” “you’ve got to get your head in the game,” “most important years of your life….” and blah, blah, blah. Also the stereotypes that high school holds will most likely vanish and people will be less bitchy, or so I hope.

But all of this is beside the point. I’m about to experience one more first day into high school and I wonder if it’s going to suck as much as last year did. It’s always those nerves that you get because there will be a whole new set of books with a whole new set of concepts, which I most likely won’t get at the first go. This small whole-year round package will also come with a set of classmates which you might or might not like and a set of teachers who most probably will be too conceited to notice that we have homework/assignments in other subjects as well. One thing that I actually care about the most is that which subjects will I have everyday? Will I get five classes of French per week or six. I wish it’s just five because I really do struggle with it at times. Also some unforgotten fights/disagreements will come with the academic package. And I’m still a teenager.

To all the people who like school, how? How do you even get through it without getting a daily dose of demotivation? Some of my friends say that they get bored at home and yes I have a flat face usually when I listen to this splendid reason, because rolling my eyes would be a little rude.

I also wanted to talk about this show that I’m watching (or waiting for the next episode to release): Riverdale. It’s based on the Archie comics. I used to read them when I would visit my grandmother’s house. There would be quite a few kept on the bookshelf that probably belonged to my uncle. It’s a really cool show and it has COLE SPROUSE in it. It’s a really cool mystery/drama show and I totally recommend it if you’re super free and just cancelled that plan with your friends because you were too lazy. Here is your perfect way of enjoyment people! BEWARE of the cuteness and darkness.

Also I want to say that since school is starting, I might not be able to post as I much as I did but I probably know that I’d get the most motivation during the days I’d have the most work. Anyway, I hope that you’re having a great day. I just wanted to give a little update and say that I’m still alive. See you in my next post.

Me xx

PS. I have 52 followers now and more than 200 likes, what?! Thank you so much to every one of you. It really means a lot. I did not ever think that anyone would even read my blog and I would’ve to go and tell people to follow me and everything, but you guys made it possible and gave me more confidence. So thank you again 🙂


10 thoughts on “I’m alive

  1. First days are forever, not only school and they are all terrifying in the same way. I can’t explain why I like school, I guess it depends on the person. I don’t know. I had a really good time in high school, not counting all the stress of classes and exams because that is inevitable, that is the point of school, but I had a good time and I can’t even say that many people really liked me… oops, I think I can count the people who did with my hands!
    Anyway, I’m still gonna wish you a good school year! Xx

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