Images, Pictures, Photographs and such things



The title to this post might seem a little absurd because ‘hey blog writer, i think you forgot that all the three words mean the same.’ Yes, I know. I’m just trying to make my opinion on them interesting, hence the title.

Most of the people today love taking pictures. Pictures of them, them with their friends, acting just as a random person and taking pictures of another family and such things. Isn’t that what every normal teenager does, takes a picture and posts it on Instagram?

People like to click pictures and post it somewhere where no one really cares, but they still give you the like. Well, my opinions just beg to differ from everyone else’s. I like clicking pictures, don’t get me wrong, they’re memories. And when you look back at them, the nostalgic smile on your face says everything but i don’t believe in taking so many pictures that you forget to live in the moment. I think it’s really important to be in the moment rather than just trying to make it a sweeter, bigger memory. It often happens with me that I might be out with my friends, just a casual lunch or something and we end up taking so many pictures that I actually forget that we were there to fulfill our craving for junk food.

Instead of spending so much time on clicking our pictures with a hundred different poses, I believe in clicking natural pictures, in other words ‘candids’. I believe that capturing your friends laughing, your family talking, your dog barking is such an amazing way to preserve a moment because when you look back at them, you can remember the exact moment and relive it in your mind. On the other hand, they are, to me, so much more beautiful and hold so much more depth than a picture planned beforehand.

I believe in capturing the nature and all its beautiful phenomenons; the lavender flower or the lavish crops or the wet streets. I am no photographer but i love capturing things this way. They give me a sense of happiness which a normal posed picture doesn’t. Sometimes, it’s so important to look around you and notice and appreciate little things. It’s important to know that a world behind your fake conceitedness exists. It’s important to know that a world beyond your pride exists. It’s important to know that a world beyond you exists. And this the perfect way of capturing what that world holds.

Before signing off, i would just like to quote George Santayana:

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

Me xx


12 thoughts on “Images, Pictures, Photographs and such things

  1. Omg yeeeeees I agree with you SO MUCH. I honestly love your posts so much. And haha this is making me think of the tons od pictures I took when I went to NY and DC and Niagara Falls. I mean, some of them I took because it was so cool/pretty, but others were just to remember, when I should’ve been living in the moment. And then there are times when I’m annoyed at my parents for taking photos of me whem aI just want to enjoy the moment. XD

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  2. I love photographs! They say so much. And you’re so right, we waste too much time trying to find the “perfect shot”. I like the same things as you, I love natural pictures, I love photos of people laughing out loud, hugs, distant looks. I love seeing the body languade in pictures, it says so much. I love to take pictures and when people take pictures of me, but I wouldn’t waste too much time to take them, I want them to be beautifully natural. With my friends it was always super annoying, they hate natural photos because they say they look awful… ahhh… they have no idea! Loved your post! Why don’t you share some photos? 🙂

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