What is the World turning out to be?

So today we were going out of school for a little day trip when a news came in that someone had committed suicide in the nearby college, hence causing jam on the streets.

Now obviously we’re all humans bound to think and talk and just like every other person me and my friends started talking about this. What really saddened me is the way everyone reacted to the suicide. Some said “it isn’t fair to those soldiers who die fighting for us. Why are peopling dying like this? Like a joke?” And others just simply agreed. Some said that “even we have problems but we aren’t committing suicide,” and laughed it away. I wanted to put in my opinion and say that maybe it was something so unbearable that they couldn’t think of anything else than taking their lives but the answer, I knew, would be that nothing is unbearable.

This is how everyone’s been shaped into nowadays: thinking that suicide is nothing other than people trying to take away their lives as a joke. They are moulded into a person who wouldn’t even give mental illness a thought. They are the kind of people who don’t know what someone suffering from depression or bulimia might be going through. Empathy is there for everyone who dies but the ones who take away their lives.

These are the people I’m really scared of, the people who would rather laugh your illness or your suicide off because they think it was stupid of you. They are the people who wouldn’t think you wanted to live, but to end the pain, you died. I’m afraid of how the world is turning out- dark.

Suicide doesn’t mean that a person wanted to have fun and end his life, maybe it means unbearable struggle. To anyone having suicidal thoughts: Hold on please. Someone cares.

These are suicide hotlines around the world. Check them out if you need any help. Please stay.

Me xx


2 thoughts on “What is the World turning out to be?

  1. This hit me hard because it’s true. Suicide is never a joke and SHOULD be taken seriously – just because things don’t affect one person doesn’t mean that it won’t seriously affect another. I’m so sorry to hear about the person in the neighbouring college; I hope that their friends and family will be okay xx

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  2. It makes me so sad because suicide is NO JOKE and is VERY SERIOUS. If someone is facing something so horrible in their life that they are willing to take their own life away for it, it should not be laughed at. Thank you for this wonderful post, and I hope the friends and family of the person in passing will be all right. ❤

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