One More Time?

One More Time-

First times: they’re inevitable. Good first times, bad first times, exciting first times, lazy first times.There are some first times that i want to relive and some first times that i think should remain in the past and never lurk around my thoughts ever again.

I was having this conversation, a little while ago, with someone where they mentioned how they could relive the first time that they saw their favourite anime and saw their crush and just small little things like that.

This led me into thinking the first times that I want to relive and cherish more than I might just have the first time. So one of the few would, obviously, be watching my favourite anime “death note” again. I must admit that I haven’t really seen a lot of animes, I’m just getting into them and death note was like the third anime that I saw and abso-f***ing-lutely loved. It’s such a great anime with like all the drama, thrill and mystery you could ever want (11/10 recommended). I really want to relive that time when I didn’t know what was going to happen in the next episode and I would just sit with a big question mark on my face, staring at my laptop screen either wanting to curse, or thank the person(s) behind the wonderful thought of writing this amazing manga/ anime series. I also want to relive the first time I watched my favourite movie which changes from time to time.

I want to relive that time when I hadn’t read any of the books that I love so that I wouldn’t know what would happen in the next sentence, let alone the next book. Discovering the fact that I actually have a best friend will also be on my list of reliving things because it’s not really often that you can feel that way.

I think it’s small things like this that make us human. The fact that we want to embrace things which we never think we would want to while experiencing them and the fact that however absurd any object might be, we have emotions attached to it is a fascinating concept to me. Comment down below some specific moment that you would want to relive.

Me xx

PS. I’m really sorry for such a filler post. I know this isn’t my best but I’m not exactly well right now. I hope you guys understand xx  Also new theme to the blog!


8 thoughts on “One More Time?

  1. I LOVE this 🙂 I’d love to relive the day I came up with my proper blog name, or when I had my first real kiss because that was the most happy time I can remember having in a long time.

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