It’s okay.

Are you okay today?

Is your mind completely happy with the way you are?

Are you all teared up because you laughed too hard?

Is your life all jolly and good?

Well, I hope so. But if you’re not okay, I want you to truly know that it’s alright. 

It’s alright if you’re not feeling okay. It’s alright if you have a sinking feeling in your stomach. It’s alright if you’re mind’s wandering into the darkest of places. There’s nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of. It’s okay to not be okay.

It’s okay to feel down sometimes. It’s okay to feel like breaking everything. It’s okay to cry out loud. It’s okay to lay in bed all day because your demons won’t stop lurking in your head. It’s okay to be in a situation you are in right now. 
Everything is a mixture of good and bad things, humans are too. Our emotions, our deeds all have two sides to them. There is no need to neglect the other side, no need to think that you need to pretend to be happy, to be completely fixed if you’re feeling the complete opposite. No need to shy away from your problems.

Rather, all you need to do is accept the fact that This is your situation right now. This is how you feel. And This is what you want to get better from. There’s been enough telling us that it’ll get better, but in the wait of getting better, or pretending to be better, we ignore our present situation. We ignore the fact that getting better is the result of the process of embracing every hardship on our doorstep, and then working our way out of it. 

It may seem like the same old shit…. blah blah whatever. But the idea of the society telling us that not being okay is not okay at all fails to fix inside my mind. It saddens me to see that boys are stereotyped to be strong and stiff and headstrong when they can just be as broken as any other human being. And girls are stereotyped to be way too emotional when they can be the complete opposite. 

There are people constantly telling us “It’ll get better.” “You’re strong.” “You can make it through this.” But what if we don’t feel strong? What if we don’t think we’ll ever get better? What if we don’t think we can make through this? Is there any alternative? Why do we think that there are people committing suicide, self harming? Because there’s no one to tell them that it’s okay if they can’t get up today and get shit done. No one tells them that if they don’t feel alright and happy, they don’t have to all the time because it’s part of life. No one actually ever tells them that they will get better but burrying their problems and pretending to be okay will lead them nowhere.

If you’re  hurting, you don’t ever have to pretend that you’re okay. If you’re going through something which might seem impossible to go through, hey! You will. I believe in you. But only if you understand why you’re there in the first place and accept your situation with full heart. Don’t be afraid of where you are and what you are. Embrace you and your bad days like a soft, squishy teddy bear. Know that it’s okay not to be okay. 

Me xx


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