Welcome to the first episode of Music Monday. So as I mentioned a few posts ago, I had this idea to start this music series wherein I’d post just anything random about music like my favourite bands or favourite songs or music recommendations or anything related to music really. So for this first episode, I’d be listing 50 songs which, in my opinion, are “amazeballs”. Most of these songs are from the rock genre, alternative genre, pop genre or somewhere in between. Not many people like my music taste so I hope you don’t close my post after reading this sentence, read it till the end please. I promise my music taste doesn’t suck. Also, it would be super cool if you could comment some of your favourite artists/songs/albums and I would definitely give them a shot because new music, yay!

50 amazeballs songs (you can’t ignore)

 1. Feel- Sleeping With Sirens

2. Paint You Wings- All Time Low

3. American Idiot- Green Day

4. Heavydirtysoul- Twenty Øne Piløts

5. American Candy- The Maine

6. She’s Out Of Her Mind- Blink 182

7. Invisible- 5 Seconds Of Summer

8. Force Of Nature- Bea Miller

9. Paint It Black- Andy Black

10. Young Volcanoes- Fall Out Boy

11. Pieces- Sum 41

12. Over And Out- 5 Seconds Of Summer

13. Right Girl- The Maine

14. Superhero- The Script

15. Therapy- All Time Low

16. After Midnight- Blink 182

17. The Strays- Sleeping With Sirens

18. Fences- Taking Back Sunday

19. Broken Pieces- Andy Black

20. In Too Deep- Sum 41

21. Angel Blue-Green Day

22. Outerspace/Carry On- 5 Seconds Of Summer

23. Walk- Foo Fighters

24. Coming Home- The Vamps

25. Tidal Waves- All Time Low

26. Nicotine – Panic! At The Disco

27. Man Who Can’t Be Moved- The Script

28. Goner- Twenty Øne Piløts

29. Year 3000- Busted

30. Roman Holiday- Halsey

31. Cry Baby- Melanie Martinez

32. Be Your Everything- Boys Like Girls

33. Fun- Coldplay 

34. Guys My Age- Hey Violet

35. Year Zero- Moon Taxi

36. Bruised And Scarred- Mayday Parade

37. Stella- All Time Low

38. Disconnected- 5 Seconds Of Summer

39. Talk!- The 1975

40. (Un)Lost- The Maine

41. Better Off Dead- Sleeping With Sirens

42. Holiday- Green Day

43. Milk And Cookies- Melanie Martinez

44. Yellow- Coldplay

45. Cool- Troye Sivan

46. Welcome To The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance

47. We Are- One Ok Rock 

48. Love And Drugs- The Maine

49. Still Breathing- Mayday Parade

50. Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good- Nickelback

Me xx

PS. Ed Sheeran’s new songs aren’t listed here because I did review them a little while go, so if you want you can check that review out xx  just click here


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