An Open Letter to the Society


Dear society,

I won’t ask how you are and have your stereotypes changed yet, because when I see you, almost everyday of my life, my brain deciphers something else. Everytime I see you, your “dp” representing you through an app on a screen, and you voicing your petty stereotypes, it makes me think if where I’m living, the people that I’m living with are even apt of compassion.

What is wrong with a girl liking a girl and a guy liking a guy? It’s love. A love which deserves all the ‘awws’ because the couple is just as sweet and adorable as any other couple. And if being gay is unholy, then we might as well accept that love is unholy. Stop loving the people that you do, God doesn’t approve of it.

Why should a woman be afraid to be on the street with the clothes of her choice? Isn’t it her life? Her life with which she can do anything? Why should she be dependent on a male for everything she does? Why can’t she work at a particular place because you think she can’t handle it? Have you ever given her a chance? Why should she retrace every step that she takes just because she knows you’ll judge her, bring her down? Why the f**k should you tell her what to do? Who are you to tell her what to do?

Why is it okay for a woman to get touched inappropriately? Why is it okay if she’s raped or abused or harrased? Why is it that the man is not given the amount of punishment he deserves for ruining someone’s life?

Why can’t a student take an year’s gap from school? Why should you tell him what to do if he is not ready? Who are you to tell him that he’s supposed to do something he wants to take an escape from?

Everyone’s living their own life and having their own struggles, who are you to give degrees to them? Who are you to tell anyone that they can’t do something because of the way they are? Who are you to poke your nose into anyone’s life and tell them they’re wrong?

Stop wasting your life telling people what to do. Stop thinking that being gay is unholy or being a woman automatically terms you as inferior. Stop thinking that a person always has to study to meet your standards of success. Stop with the stereotypes.

Dear society, grow up.


Me xx


7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Society

    1. and may I just agree with what you said on “gay being unholy”. I myself am not a Christian but find it appalling that they let their religion get the best of them and rule who can love who. IT. IS. LOVE.

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      1. I know. I mean, I TOTALLY get and respect that their religion is a big part of them, but they cannot let it define concepts such as love. And wouldn’t God want His people to love each other, no matter what gender they are?

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