“Yes, I love myself.”

-Yes, I love myself.-

Today, as I was walking on the street, I looked up towards the sky. It had a little shade of pink and orange, and the clouds were shaped like lips. Lips, might sound a little odd, but those clouds made it beautiful all together. It’s funny how we can appreciate something as small and bland, but needed, like clouds but not ourselves.

We notice the different shades in the sky, how the bee sucks the nectar from the sweetest flower, how the sun rises and how it sets. We notice how the water falls from a waterfall, high in velocity and completely breathless. We notice how the moon, even though much smaller than the sun, has its own aura. We notice so many things daily, appreciate the beauty in them, then why? Why do we forget to appreciate ourselves? Why do we forget to notice that even the oddest things that we do can be beautiful if we just stop with our criticism and notice.

Notice. How when we dance, we give away an energetic vibe that has the power to lure everyone in it. How when we fall and pick ourselves up, we gain the kind of confidence which nothing else could’ve given us. How when we work hard for something and get the expected results, the smile that appears on our face is priceless.

Nature is beautiful. Every aspect of it blooms with creativity. However odd it’s shape might be, it’s still nature and is perfect the way it is. Then how can we forget that we are a part of nature? That our figure, our curves, our weight, our hair do not mean that we’re ugly or not worth it. It does not make us more or less likable for we are all complex creatures of the nature.

My mum used to tell me that it doesn’t matter how you look because you’ve been made from soil and in the end, your body will decompose back into it. Then why waste our time thinking that we’re not the kind of person we fantasize about?

How about you live a little today? Don’t think about anything, and just go with how things go. Get through the path named Monday or Tuesday and don’t forget to stop and notice the beautiful daisies that bloom around or the leaves that are embracing the ground. And don’t forget to catch a glimpse of you reflection in the puddle of sadness and think:

“yes, I love myself.”

Me xx


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