A Little Update+Ed Sheeran’s DIVIDE (÷) Review



First off I’m so sorry that I appear everyday on your feed with random shit😂🙈. I can’t help but leave everything that I have to study and pick up my phone and write a post or scroll through my social medias.

I have my French exam and I can’t tell you how much difficulty I am in right now. Half of the things have gone over my head. But I’m still trying. French exam preparation is a work in progress (get it? The Connor Franta reference?). This post is just a little update on how my first exam was uhm good. I did make some mistakes (I think) so I might not get an A but hey! I tried.

It’s honestly so frustrating when you tell someone that you didn’t understand something in a particular subject and stopped studying it out of frustration (it’s not my favourite word, I swear) and they cut you off saying “you don’t say” or “you’ll still get perfect marks”, like no. I’m not the perfect scorer you think I am. And I can’t be that, sorry. Stop stereotyping people please. It honestly brings down my confidence because no one gets that I’m actually so done with that subject. I don’t know why but it’s just very weird. And then when I don’t get that “perfect score”, it brings me down even more. Has it ever happened to anyone here? Do your friends tend to do this too?

Also because I have nothing to do, I would just want to take a couple of minutes (hours) and talk about Ed Sheeran ‘s (he’s the real MVP. Peace.) new album. I mean there’s nothing to say honestly because has Ed Sheeran ever made an album which didn’t have your mind blown? I’m not taking yes as an answer. I just want to do a little review on each song. So without further ado, LET’S GET STARTED FAM!


Eraser- This song is like groovy and has great lyrics and Ed raps here, like um Ed what? You’re  amazing.

Castle On The Hill- When this song came out I was like “This is already my favourite!” And then he dropped the album and I was like “oh well, okay..”

Dive- This was like the first song I heard after Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You and I thought to myself “this album already sounds amazing” and uhm yes, it is AmAZIng.

Shape Of You- Groovy. Groovy. Groovy. When these two songs first came out though, castle on the hill was my favourite. No offence sorry.

Perfect- Sweeeeeet.💙

Galway Girl- This song has this super groovy thing to it and when I heard it I immediately was like “wooooow.” This is lit as f***k.

Happier- This is just sad (I won’t make a pun here, sorry it’s a sad song). But let’s just talk about the melodies, shit!

New Man- Yass Ed. This song is super groovy. A weird story: I thought he once said Cameron Dallas in the song and I just went like whattt..? So I went and searched the lyrics and yeah obviously, he didn’t :-/

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here- This is so so so sweet. Daisies are like one of my favourite flowers (is that weird?) and so the part when he sings “daisies, daisies perched upon your forehead”, I just went like aww.

What Do I Know?- This. Song. Is. Lit. I love it!! This is definitely like my most favourite one (because all are my favorite) and the message is honestly so good.

How Would You Feel (Paen)- “AWW” my ultimate reaction.

Supermarket Flowers- I love this song. And the story that’s being told from this song. Ed I love you.

Barcelona- This song would make anyone want to dance! There’s this segment where he does this thing (sorry I suck at describing I guess) and I was like “woah.”

Bibia Be Ye Ye- The title may sound unpronounceable but I swear it’s a great song!

Nancy Mulligan- I think this album has so many groovy tracks, I love it!

Save Myself-  This makes me so sad honestly and I can somewhere relate to it too. So thanks Ed, I love those songs that I can relate to.

So my review ends here. I hope that you liked it and if you haven’t listened to it yet, please go and do. This album is amazing and the King’s back guys!

So because this was like a little rant kind of post, I decided to include one of the pictures I took the other day. Sorry my photography ain’t that good🙈. Okay this post was kind of weird so thank you for bearing with me! Hope you have a great day/night and I’ll just go back and continue my sad story with my French book and notes. Fairwell.
Me xx



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