Hey You!


Hey You!

Stop doing what you’re doing right now.

Stop working your arse off for a couple of minutes.

Stop doing your homework for a little while.

Stop thinking about the thoughts that are eating you off and listen to me.

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are everything you think you’re not. Your dreams, your ambitions, your passions are amazing and worth it and it puts a smile on my face seeing you work hard to grasp them with all your might. And if someone tries to tell you otherwise, do not, I repeat, DO NOT focus at the shit they throw at you.

That smile that you pass to random strangers while making your way towards the subway, brightens up their day. The way you laugh, the way your dimples delve in deep into your cheek, the way the crinkles form an arc near your eyes, it’s all extraordinarily beautiful. It’s unique, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dance. You can’t be compared to that Victoria Secret model or that skinny girl that lives down the street. You can only be compared to your past self, how you got from good to better, happy to happier and pretty to prettier. No matter how tall, or short you might be, your silhouette still looks beautiful during the setting sun. You still look beautiful during the setting sun.

So what if you’re a jock or a nerd or a geek or a goth, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is you do what you love. All that matters is that you’re working hard for something that you love.Your scars, the way they form a line no ruler can, the way they leave a mark, telling a story. They are not something to be ashamed of. They are not a part of your embarrassing past. They are a part of you, they will always be a part of you. Embrace them. Don’t be afraid to speak up just because you think you’re not good enough, cool enough, pretty enough, no. Don’t think only people “superior” to you are entitled to do that. You are all these things and even more, capable of speaking for what’s right.

Your mistakes do not define you. You are not the mistakes you made. You are something evolved from broken hearts and broken promises. You are the galaxy your ex couldn’t fathom.

Your mental health does not define you. I have all the faith in you. I know you’ll survive. I know you will slay your demons and get past the blood in your hands. I know you will be happy again.

You are so much more than a lone alphabet on a test paper, more than the rhetoric remarks that bully couldn’t stop spitting, more than something you couldn’t achieve. Your failures do not mean you aren’t capable. In fact, they aren’t failures at all. They’re just broken pieces falling from the stairway, while you’re climbing up and up, higher than the sky, achieving what you were meant to. I believe in you. I know you can do this, get past the rainy day and back into the sunny one, with the rainbow announcing your welcome.

Hey you!

Get better soon. Pull through today for me. Wake up and do what you have to for the ulterior motive. Wake up and do something for yourself. I know it’s hard sometimes, to wake up. I know it takes all your strength but I know you can do this. Moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, slowly, all will pass and all you’ll be left with is a bag full of regrets, of things you didn’t do. So go get up and get it done. Get up and show the world that your shine can’t be dimmed with the rocks it throws at you, only, your defence game gets stronger. There’s so much left to do and left to see. Make the most of everything.

Caress those scars. Embrace your mistakes. You are perfect in an imperfect way. You are one in a seven billion. You are the only one with your swagger, only one with your sense of humour, only one with your nose placed the way it is on your face. You are unique, beautiful, smart, intelligent, talented, everything you believe you’re not.

It doesn’t matter if someone cares, or doesn’t if you love yourself. It doesn’t matter if the football of negativity thrown at you is bigger than the tennis ball of your positivity, if you know how to kick it. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks you’re not pretty enough, if you know how uniquely beautiful you are. It doesn’t matter how long this post is and how many more minutes I took than I said I would, if it put a smile on your face and filled up your heart with a little confidence. I’d know it’s worth it.

Hey you!

Keep smiling, it’s the best decoration your face could ever have.


Me xx


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