Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful chaos (2)


So usually I’m not one for sharing the poems that I write because honestly, they don’t please me enough. But today is someday I don’t know what to do. I feel like shit and I need to let it out of my system so I wrote a poem. It might not be completely related to what I’m feeling but to some extent, it says what I’m feeling.

Before I start sounding like some kind of stupid person to all of you too, I’ll just move on with my poem.

I am not alone
She thought.

I can do this

I can slay my demons

I can overshine my pain

But alas,

These were just mere words

Holding no meaning, 

Oh none at all.


Hiding her sadness,

Behind a mask

Someone would know,

She thought.

Someone would ask her what’s wrong

And not feed her the words,

“Time will make this go, carry on.”

But thoughts are mere thoughts

And reality is hell and beyond,

You can’t fathom words that people say

Because this world is deceiving

Albeit, so pleasing.


With melancholy in your eyes

And love in your heart,

Move on.

‘Cause there is no one,

To pick you up,

No one to feed you words of truth,

No one to hold a hand of truce.

It’s you and you alone,

In this apocalyptic world

It’s you who can lift you up,

And put you back in darkness.

You are all the colours in one,

Shining when you’re feeling blue.


You’re burning.

Brighter than the world has ever seen.

And your eyes,

They should be your favourite green.

There’s a brand new galaxy in your mind,

Waiting for you to find.

And your silhouette,

It can’t be compared

To any model

Or unfit for any dress

For you have it all in you,

All in one.

For you are nothing but

A beautiful chaos.

Me xx


12 thoughts on “Beautiful Chaos

  1. Your blog is terrific! WE LOVE THE SAME BANDS! You write so well too – a very touching poem above 🙂
    I am genuinely fangirling over your blog. And earlier in a post when you mentioned how Calum followed you or something I like melted.

    Liked by 1 person

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