5 reasons to be happy today!


1. Spring’s just around the corner. What other way to be happy when the season where everything blooms back to life is about to reach out to us (unless it’s summer, of course).

2. New year, new memes. Honestly out of everything to be happy about and to look forward to this year, the memes are going to be the highlight. Be happy because new memes are coming your way people!

3. Despite every hurdle thrown your way, you’ve pulled through it all till today. Smile. Reward yourself. Eat a cupcake. Know that I’m proud of you. Know that you can do it.

4. Food exists. Coffee exists. Period.

5. There’s a beautiful world beyond your little four-wall room, your school, your locality, your city. And you’re yet to explore all of it. What better reason to be happy than knowing that there is someone out there, thinking exactly the way you do, listening to exactly the same music that you like and loving the same author that you admire with your whole heart. There are people out there completely different as well and you still have to explore the depths of their minds, their streets and their food. Everything’s like small beautiful wires, entangled with each other and you still have to untangle them. All your answers lie in that small yet huge ball of wired-nothingness.

Hope you’re having a great day! And also I hope school doesn’t suck for you.

Me xx


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