Things musicians need to talk about..


Music is a very important part of my life. Whether it is a happy moment or a sad or a crazy one, music somehow always finds its way to fill in the gap.
Today, we have an incredible amount of musicians, making incredible music and that’s honestly such a nice thing that in times of darkness, we still have something to hold on to.

But somehow these art pieces tend to revolve around the same agendas: breakup, love or friendzone. Sometimes a bad day isn’t because of a breakup or any downs in a relationship or being friendzoned. Sometimes it can be because of problems at home or mental illness or betrayal by friends, it’s not always about love or finding a soulmate. It can be so many things and its way past my understanding how these are not talked about by such important people in the industry, people who have a voice which can reach to millions and make a difference.

  • Mental illnesses
  • Problems at home
  • Friend problems
  • Insecurity
  • Mental abuse
  • Unable to reach goals
  • Being broke
  • Peer pressure
  • Bad influence
  • Unable to find a voice
  • Sexuality issues

These are just a few things that need to be talked about, even in a Taylor Swift song.

More artists like All Time Low, Green Day, Sleeping With Sirens, The Maine etc. are needed in this broken world.
The vulnerable society that we live in is just like a flower, easy to break but hard to grow. Here, one man with no voice can’t make a difference but someone with a voice can change the way it blooms. All musicians need to know that umpteen amount of songs on sex and heartbreak exist. How about you change the way you write? Make this new year actually new and surprising for your fans. Make it memorable for everyone and also yourself. Surprise yourself and embrace these issues because you have a voice stronger than anyone else’s and you would want to make it count

Me xx


2 thoughts on “Things musicians need to talk about..

  1. YES I agree with alof this! I think that it’s so important musicians make music about mental illness and sexuality issues – along with the rest – because awareness needs to be raised and what better way than through music? I love your blog so much by the way!

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