Hello 2017!

Dear 2016,

You were that bad day that I didn’t think would come to an end and I’m really really happy now that I know that I get to leave your embrace.


Me x

It’s hard to explain how happy I am now that 2016 is gone. One of the worst years of my life was the year Each and every year is a scale and the good and bad things balance that scale out but 2016 defied all rules of this scale and turned out to be more bad than good. One good thing that I remember (never will I ever forget this) from 2016 is Calum Hood (from 5 seconds of summer) following me (gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!). It was a little before my mid terms exams and I freaked out completely. It was so shocking to me. Calum Hood, if you’re reading this, Thank You for making my 2016 somewhere a little good.

Today I want to talk about new year resolutions. Every year people all around the world jot down a list of things they want to achieve in the upcoming year and people like me fail miserably. What I feel is (thanks to Connor Franta) that you don’t need a specific day or month or week to decide that you want to achieve something. You don’t need a new year to achieve something. If you’re really determined to complete something or achieve something you can start right now. New year is just an excuse to delay something and even though my procrastination level (my email, get it? 😉 )  goes way over 10000000, I’m still going to say that you don’t need another year or another month to get something done (this isn’t hypocrisy I swear). If I want to get an A in math, I don’t decide it near the 1st of January, I decide to do it when it comes to my mind. I don’t keep new year resolutions anymore which might just be evident from above (just saying) but I don’t mean to discourage you from keeping resolutions. There are all kinds of people: some who can do things if they decide to and some who need a little push. If resolutions help you to get something done then good  but all I want to say is, don’t let new year get into your way of achieving something that you knew you could long back.

What I feel is that like there is always another chance to improve yourself and new year gives you that but that doesn’t entirely mean that you shouldn’t try all around the year. So get up and get things done. And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Me xx

PS. Late update because of wifi issues. Sorry.


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