“Look inside yourself, there is another you hidden there, bring her out, bring her out and be you”.

I witnessed this play a few days ago where this lady enacted each and every segment of the story alone. I still am at loss of words for what she did because it was truly touching.

This story revolves around this little girl (one who shall not be named) and her life story. So she’s a little girl who looks up to one of the girls (let’s call her Ella) that she knows. She wants to be like Ella, do things like her, get good marks like her and even at one part of the story, run away with her boyfriend like her. For her, if she becomes like Ella, her life would be complete. The girl is once raped by someone really respected in her family but he threatens her to not say anything because of what the society would think, not about him but, about the girl.

Her brother likes to play football and is good at school as well. He wants to have a career in football but her dad is against his brother’s ambition. The relationship between her and her brother is strong and she loves him immensely. She’d find all her comforts when she’s with him and he loves her more than anyone. She often hears her parents telling her that she can never be like Ella, and if only she could, she would be nice at everything. Soon her brother gets a job at a firm and his ambition is shattered and one day, she finds him sitting on the chair, not responding to what she’s saying. When she goes up to him to ask him what’s up with him, she finds that he’s no more, that he’s succumbed because of his dad, because of his dreams being mere words of stupidity to his closed ones. This scene got me emotional and not just me but each and everyone witnessing this play.

She is married off at an early age but she still wants to be like Ella. The lady during this segment talks about how ‘adjust’ is basically what people tell us to do in all situations. Not raise our voice, not talk to someone but simply, adjust. One day, when she’s back home, her mother tells her how Ella’s husband is abusive and that she lives with her parents now and how her mother appreciates Ella’s decision  She thinks about how her husband is abusive as well and again, wants to do what Ella did, run away.

When she leaves her husband’s place and comes back to her parents’, they don’t accept her. They tell her to go away, back to where she came from because that is where she belongs. She defends herself by saying “but that is what Ella did” but alas, society is a freaking judgement factory and you can’t escape it. She leaves her parents’ house, her decision firm to stay with her husband. While going back, she plans to visit Ella and soon finds out, that she committed suicide. Now she doesn’t know what to do, she doesn’t know what her destiny is and this thought doesn’t leave her head that she’ll be dead too, dead just like Ella is.

She remembers her brother, she wants him to take her hand, to lift her up but he is not there anymore and she has to get up on her own. She remembers what her brother used to say:

“look inside yourself, there is another you hidden there, bring her out, bring her out and be you”.

She knows she wasn’t good at school nor at sports but what she’s truly good at, she’ll run after that. Storytelling. The lady after this play told us that “take the the road to the impossible while making all the impossibilities of achieving it, possible”.

This play was all about doing what you do best, never be afraid of judgement, never be afraid of the society. It was all about chasing after what you love, about taking the road to what you think you’re passionate about and never ever looking back.

Me xx


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