Okay so to start off, this dream wasn’t actually somebody-anonymous-kissed-me-on-the-cheek weird but actually a good weird. I have no idea how it started and most of the dreams I remember start abruptly and suddenly (of course no one would give me a hint, silly me). So I’m in a concert and I’m looking to my sides when I see Calum Hood (from 5 seconds of summer), hands in his pockets and jumping and I’m standing next to him jumping as well. I’m not very tall and Calum is 6”1 but here I’m just a little shorter than he is and for a second I actually feel nice.

Now what I don’t get is how the fudge am I actually seeing me and Calum jumping? It’s like I have two souls or something (lol, I’m not funny sorry).  So there is another guy beside me and I’m not sure who he is, he either is one of Calum’s friends or Brent Rivera (bomb youtuber, check him out).

Now my so called second soul is back in my body, reunited with it’s first half and I get a better look of the stage. We are standing at the side of the stage and the stage isn’t like a proper stage with stairs and everything but it is a flat, little elevated platform with ramps on all four sides. It’s weird because concerts aren’t like this and fans aren’t this calm because there were no barricades. Now I notice the artist and Jesus Christ, it’s One Direction. I’m not even a directioner actually. I like their music but don’t stan them, if you know what I mean? Suddenly Liam (Payne) is at the side of the stage and I catch a glimpse of Louis (Tomlinson) sometime later. Now I’m at my home and I’m waiting for Calum for some reason (weird thing number whatever: why would I wait for him when we probably have just returned from the concert?) and thinking if he would actually come and would talk to me sitting on the stairs outside my house. I still don’t understand the sole purpose of this thought in my dreamy mind but it is how it is child. Calum actually comes to my place and we both sit down on the stairs and talk and I get all romantic thoughts and my dream ends just like a movie does- the scene keeps getting farther away until we’re just two random people talking at a distance (if you know what I mean?).

This concludes the rhetorical thinking I do before dozing off.


2 thoughts on “Weird…

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