Music (my painkiller)


Like I said in my last post, I want this blog to be everything that I like and music probably tops the list. I will be listing a few artists/bands here that I really like and also my favourite songs by them. This will give you a rough idea of the kind of music that I like and you might get to know some new artists as well.

  1. 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER- They are my favourite! Their story never fails to inspire me and their music is amazing! I can connect to their songs as well and that’s what I like the most about them. I really don’t have a favourite song by them because I love all of them so I’m just going to list those which I’m obsessed with at the moment. SONGS: Long Way Home, Jet Black Heart, If You Don’t Know, Outer Space/Carry On, Invisible.
  2. ALL TIME LOW- They are also one of my favourites. I love them to the core and I want to thank 5sos for actually making me realize that a band like this exists. I totally recommend you to listen to them because their music is too relatable. And I don’t really have a favourite song by them as well :p SONGS: Missing You, Therapy, Oh Calamity, Tidal Waves, If These Sheets Were The States, Take Cover. (I don’t really want to list basically all songs by them so going to leave it to you to discover more of their songs)
  3. SIMPLE PLAN- They write songs as if they are inspired by my life or something. I recommend you to listen to their old stuff particularly because personally, I like it more. SONGS: I’m Just A Kid, Perfect, Welcome To My Life, How Could This Happen To Me.
  4. THE MAINE- I don’t think that a lot of people know them but I really really like them. Shout out to that book on Wattpad for introducing me to this band. SONGS: Am I Pretty?, (Un)Lost, Right Girl, Fuel To The Fire, Sad Songs.
  5. HALSEY- Halsey is my queen. I love her music and I love her voice. She is amazing! You should definitely listen to her if you haven’t yet. SONGS: Coming Down, Roman Holiday, Colours, Castle, New Americana, Drive.

I have a lot more bands/artists to list here but I don’t want to make this post too long. I hope you find some new music to listen to through this post!

Me xx


11 thoughts on “Music (my painkiller)

  1. Rawan M.

    So good to see 5sos mentioned in the blogging community. I mean their music is amazing (not to mention their beautiful faces and accents). 5sosfam representative right here.

    Ps. Mikey is mine.

    Rock on, Rawan M

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  2. I love them all. I gotta dash so I’ll quickly discuss two of them for now.
    5SOS – i love their albums and EPs BUT Girls Talk Boys wasn’t Luke’s solo just BREATHTAKING. And ugh I love Catch Fire, Long Way Home, 18 etc.
    All Time Low omg Cinderblock Garden, Lost in Stereo, Therapy, Paint You Wings Ahhhhhhh OMG OMG I want to continue
    This post is gold GOLD I tell you

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