That First Post

Hello everybody!

So first post, basically something which makes you over think every single idea you’ve thought about  writing on because you are in this catch 22 situation where you don’t know what to post. I was stuck in this same position before finally deciding that my first post will be a general introduction to my little, for fun blog.

I made this blog for a couple of reasons:

  1. I was bored and was recently complimented on my writing skills so I thought about trying my luck out and for a change, actually have something creative to do other than school work.
  2. I am fed up with the life that I live. I seriously need a getaway.


I want this blog to be everything that I like – TV Shows, Music, Books – and also things related to my life that I want to share. I might sound very philosophical here but at times, I want this blog to be a getaway for all of you as well. All the blogs that I read, I find myself relating to them at some point and I want to establish something similar. I have a lot of ideas and I promise that the coming posts would be so much better than this piece of shitty craft (just saying).

Me xx




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